Ski Orthotics & Boot Fitting

Ski Orthotics & Boot Fitting

Ski Orthotics and Snowboard Orthotics

Skiers and snowboarders can experience better comfort and performance by using a prescription ski orthotic. If you experience pain from your ski boots or are looking for better performance while on the snow, make an appointment to see us.

Foot Problems

Ski orthotics can address many problems that skiers experience on the slopes including:

Ski boot foot pain and “Hot Spots”: If your ski boots are “killing” your feet and don’t fit correctly, the problem is likely caused by how your foot is moving inside your boot. When your foot pronates (rolls in) excessively this causes the bones in the foot to splay and become wider. This can cause pain on the inside and outside of your foot especially the big and little toe as well as your ankle bones. By supporting your foot with a proper ski orthotic, we can prevent your foot from hitting the side of your boot.

Cramping Feet and Aching Feet: Foot cramps often occur when the muscles on the bottom of the foot have to work too hard to maintain control of your skis. Supporting your foot with the proper custom orthotic can reduce the work the muscles are doing and relieve cramping.

Lack of Improvement: An unstable foot can make it difficult for a skier or snowboarder to maintain an edge. By providing proper foot alignment with custom ski orthotics, we can help you maintain an edge – making turning easier and helping you to improve.

Increased pronation: The forces on your feet are enormous when you make a ski turn. These forces cause the foot to flatten, the ankle bones to lower and the leg to rotate toward the other leg (this motion is known as excessive pronation). These motions lead to the problems listed above.

Prescription ski boot orthotics

In combination with proper boot fitting, can correct these problems. Prescription orthotics are medical devices, made by a physician, that act to correct abnormal alignment of the foot, ankle, lower leg, and knee.