Flat Feet in Children

What is flat foot in children?

The term “flat foot” refers to a condition where the foot lacks an arch. It is common to see low arches or flat feet in very young children because they are loose-jointed and flexible, which allows the arches of the feet to mould to a flat position when standing. Also, the arch appears flat because the arch is hidden by the fat pad. This fat pad disappears by the child is 6 years old. However some children never develop an arch.


Flat feet will not necessarily cause symptoms. However it is best you see a Podiatrist if  your child is experiencing any of the following:
  • Flat feet are painful or fatigue quickly
  • Flat feet are rigid rather than flexible
  • Only one foot is affected
  • A child with flat feet is not as active as children of the same age
  • Flat feet appear to be causing shoes to wear out faster than they should


Treatment options for problematic flat feet in children include pain management strategies, orthotics, footwear advice, and stretching and strengthening exercises.



The Podiatry Experts can prescribe a custom-made orthotic to align the foot correctly, providing comfort and stability.

Footwear Advice

At The Podiatry Experts, we can advise you on the best footwear for everyday use. It is important that footwear can not only support your foot with every stride but provide comfort in everything you do.

Strengthening Exercises

At the Podiatry Experts we will provide a comprehensive list of excises to strengthen the feet and ankles for your child.

What you should do next?

If your child has flat feet. Then it is important to get a biomechanical assessment straight away. It is easy to book with us- fill out our online form and we schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

We will discuss with you the best possible solutions for your child’s flat feet to fix their foot’s positioning straight away – it is important to remember not to delay in sorting the foot problem out soon as can worsen over time. Make sure to schedule an appointment with us today.