Foot Mobilisations

Foot Mobilisations

What is Mobilisation?

Mobilising the feet consists of moving specific joints and structures in a specific manner toward an improved functional alignment.  Mobilisation of the feet is performed by a trained practitioner in a similar manner to the way a chiropractor or manipulative physiotherapist mobilises other joints of the body.


Why should I consider Mobilisation?

Many foot problems (such as bunions, arch pain, heel pain, stiff joints and rolling-in ankles) are caused by the bones being out of alignment.  This then places the supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments under excessive strain which often results in painful and uncomfortable symptoms.


Mobilisation actually works to re-align the bones and joints to allow the foot to function more correctly and thereby relieve the strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  The purpose of mobilisation is to deal with the cause rather than just the symptom.


Mobilisation has been shown to:

• Reduce the need for surgery*

• Physically improve foot alignment*

• Improve the effectiveness of orthotic therapy when it is required*

• Be a corrective treatment method*



What happens during a mobilisation session?

For the best results, the feet must first of all be “loosened up”.  This may be done by the practitioner or through the use of a mechanical massager.  The practitioner will then perform a series of specific “hands on” manoeuvres to improve the state of the joints.



Anything else I ought to know?

Clinical results indicate that the best results are gained through a course of treatment lasting 6 weeks*. Your situation will be individually assessed. X-rays may be necessary to assess the suitability of your feet to the mobilisation treatment.



* Clinical findings of Dr. Harvey J. Lampell D.P.M. of Los Angeles U.S.A.