PACT Toenail Fungal Treatment

PACT Toenail Fungal Treatment


PACT ® is an abbreviation and a scientific term for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. PACT works by using a special blue dye which makes fungal cells sensitive to light at a certain wavelength. Exposing the fungal toenail to the light activates the blue dye, which then kills fungal cells in a short time.

Fungal cells are less sensitive than other organisms and harder to penetrate when they are in the nail plate. PACT therapy can reach the infection without harming the skin. This makes it a quick, safe, and painless fungal toenail treatment.


Before starting your PACT treatment, the fungal toenail must be filed down to reduce the thickness of the nail plate and allow better penetration of the nail gel and UV light. Following this, you will be dispensed with a 40% urea cream to apply to the toenail daily for two weeks.


Your podiatrist applies the PACT ® Nail Fungus Gel, or the blue dye, covering the affected toenail for at least 10 minutes.



Following this, the PACT UV light is positioned over the affected toenails for 10 minutes. Depending on the number of affected toenails, treatment session times can vary from 20 minutes to one hour

Example of Treatment Progress


This is the recommended treatment protocol for PACT therapy for fungal toenails.

Treatment Frequency

Moderate Onychomycosis (fungal nail)

  • · Initial Treatment: 3 x 9.5 minutes in 2 weeks
  • · Follow up treatment: repeat treatment after 2 months

Severe Onychomycosis (fungal nail)

  • · Initial Treatment: 3 PACT sessions within 2 weeks
  • · Follow up treatment: repeat treatment after 1 month


Review after 3 months and repeat as required or for prophylaxis

The effectiveness of the treatment can only be assessed after a period of approximately 3 months due to the time it takes for the nail to grow. If the affected part of the nail fails to grow out and spreads to the base of the nail, application can be repeated and prolonged if required. For the purpose of prophylaxis after a successful treatment it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 6 months for 9.5 minutes. Note that extended exposure does not have any adverse affects.


To optimise the success of the PACT® nail fungus treatment, it is essential to minimise the risk of reinfection

Some things you can include the following:

  • · Use topical antifungal solution daily
  • · Dry and air shoes regularly
  • · Spray shoes with antifungal sprays before and after treatments
  • · Use UV light sanitiser to treat the shoes as an alternative
  • · Wash socks in hot water and apply an antifungal solution to the washing cycle
  • · Wear slippers in public showers and swimming centres
  • · Use socks containing silver, which can also minimise reinfection
  • · If you wear steel cap boots for work, make sure they are well ventilated
  • · Disinfect your shower floor
  • · Minimise micro-trauma to the nails
  • · Wear correctly fitting shoes
  • · Do not share nail clippers